Booth Is the Lead 'The Bachelorette' Needs for Season 14

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She's much more of an adventurer, which you'd think is odd given he was a racecar driver, but she has much more of a questing spirit. Then, it's time to meet the family. And if you think that sounds weird (it definitely was), just wait until you hear this: Kendall has a twin sister named Kylie. Her mom, on the other hand, isn't afraid to express her concerns about the other women in the picture and admits the process makes her nervous.

Kendall Long - "Kendall introduces Arie to her passion: taxidermy; but oddly, it becomes a romantic, if quirky, date". "What did I do wrong?" she asked Arie while wiping away tears.

Despite the taxidermy thing, Arie apparently didn't want to lose Kendall either. She tells him they're going to stuff the skins as a date activity which, wow, I thought love is dead, but it turns out it is actually a zombie rampaging through this show full of cotton and cardboard and smelling faintly of formaldehyde!

For the second hometown, Arie heads to Weiner, Arkansas to meet Raven Tia's fam.

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Arie's latest challenge was facing down the families, all of whom were suspicious of him. However, Arie assures him that he's not that person anymore, that he's ready for marriage and that he's falling for Tia. "I just really like vanilla ice cream", he explained. Although he's not sure if Lauren is ready to settle down, her dad seems to trust his daughter's instincts. However, he throws in a little threat before their conversation ends, and (sort of) jokingly warns Arie that he'll find him on Google if he hurts his "little girl." Aw! "I didn't know that I had that capacity to love more than one person at a time and I think that's something that some of the bachelors go through and it's hard".

Their meeting seemed adversarial from the get-go, with Lauren's family seated across the room from Arie in a meeting punctuated by awkward silences. Well, that and the fact that that she is kinda meh on Arie.

But when Arie eventually gets around to asking Becca's mother for her blessing.

Arie confirmed that the four hung out after one fan tweeted: "And excuse me..."

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Also, it's worth noting that Becca is from Minnesota and suddenly her accent is hella strong! One of the things that should be interesting about Kylie's appearance here is that she should know the truth about Kendall more so than anyone.

The last hometown date was with Lauren, who took Arie horseback riding on the beach.

That couple is Arie and Lauren B. To understand why they fit so well together, Biehl says, there's something you need to understand about Arie: "He is a Virgo, with his moon in Taurus".

Since the show has been airing, Nielson said she has been shocked about what people have been saying about her on social media, especially in regards to her brother, who is homeless. Before he could present any roses, Arie needed to step away for a minute to collect himself. But it turned out that he just wanted to know if she was really ready to get married. "Would you say she's falling for you?" Our final four "ladies" - Kendall, Tia, Becca, and Lauren - would each have to compete in strenuous winter sports like the biathalon, speed skating, and curling, while their families cheered them on from the sidelines.

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HollywoodLifers, are you surprised by Arie's decision?