DNA reveals early Briton has dark skin, blue eyes!

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It was previously thought that Cheddar Man, whose 10,000-year old remains were found in 1903 in Gough's Cave at Cheddar Gorge, Somerset, would have had a lighter skin pigmentation.

With that, the group posited that lighter complexion associated with northern European population was more of a recent genetic change and skin colour had no connection to the geographical location at that time.

To perform the DNA analysis, scientists obtained a small amount of bone powder by drilling into Cheddar Man's skull.

Previous research and reconstructions suggested Cheddar Man had a lighter skin tone but following groundbreaking research carried out by London's Natural History Museum Evolution specialists and University College London (UCL) suggests he had dark skin, an nearly black complexion.

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"To go beyond what the bones tell us and get a scientifically based picture of what he actually looked like is a remarkable and from the results quite a surprising achievement", said Professor Stringer, who first excavated fossils at Gough's Cave 30 years ago.

Cheddar Man, who died in his 20s about 9,000 years ago, has been described as the first modern Briton as he marked the start of continuous habitation of the island. "He belonged to western hunter gatherers from Spain, Luxembourg, Germany there are even traces to the Middle East and today 10% of our ancestry can be linked to this population".

But the research revealed more than new details about Cheddar Man's skin tone.

Alfons said: "People define themselves by which country they're from, and they assume that their ancestors were just like them". "And then suddenly new research shows that we used to be a totally different people with a different genetic makeup". The quality of the DNA material, which was very well preserved for such an ancient skeleton, and the advanced technique of reading the genome.

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Science has often pointed to the fact that earth's first people were of dark skin and the idea that modern man's roots were in the continent of Africa.

He said: "I could never have believed that we would one day have his whole genome - the oldest British one to date!" "They had dark skin and majority had pale colored eyes, either blue or green, and dark brown hair". Lactose tolerance only spread through Europe several thousands of years later during the Bronze Age, according to the BBC's Rincon.

The comments left on the tabloid's website were picked up by Labour MP for Tottenham David Lammy, who stated his "Solidarity with you Mr Cheddar Man", adding he wished he had known about this when he faced racial prejudice growing up.

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