Google Chrome's new built-in ad blocker goes live tomorrow

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Google's Chrome web browser has launched an ad-blocker that is created to prevent "annoying" and "intrusive" ads being shown to users.

Chrome now blocks web ads.

In April, news of Google's planned ad blocker was met with apprehension from publishers, who anxious that the technology would torpedo their ad-supported websites and services. Others pay a flat amount, regardless of clicks or impressions. Of course, you've been able to install ad blocking extensions in Chrome for ages, but now Google is rolling the feature out to everyone. Mozilla has its own ad-blocking process for Firefox that's different from what is planned for Chrome, for example.

"In total, the new CBA-endorsed ad skimmer will only block 16.4 percent of the ad types listed in its white paper " said a spokeswoman for Adblock Plus.

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For a company built on advertising revenue, this may feel like a bit of an own goal, especially when you consider that Chrome will even block adverts served up by Google companies if they don't meet the required standard.

If a site fails the test, they'll be notified by Google, given multiple warnings and then if the ads are still on the site, they'll be blocked automatically after 30 days.

So, how will Chrome's new default ad-blocker determine which ads are intrusive and should be blocked?

Google today implemented its ad-blocking filter, hiding content from websites that don't conform to its Better Ads Standards.

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Are you exhausted of those pop-up ads or video ads that seem to come out of nowhere?

Sites that have already altered the ads they show after being warned by Google include the LA Times and the Chicago Tribune.

The filtering system, which is centered on the Better Ads Standards, is the result of public consumer research conducted by the Coalition for Better Ads, an industry group that aims to better users' experience with digital advertising. However, the rampant and largely unorganized manner that sites had started to display ads led to the rise of a distinct class of plugins, that of ad blockers.

"It's clear that annoying ads degrade what we all love about the web", said Rahul Roy-Chowdhury, Vice President, Chrome, in a blog post. And being that Chrome accounts for 58.4 percent of the browser market, it's sure to make an impact on the way in which we use the internet.

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