NASA just broke a photography record with photos taken in Kuiper Belt

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Voyager-1 held up its record-breaking record for almost 27 years, until December 5, 2017, when New Horizons took a photo at 6,099,413,760 km from Earth.

That's because they were taken from the farthest point from planet Earth of any images ever captured, snapped by a spacecraft just over 3.79 billion miles (6.12 billion kilometers) from its home planet.

For the two record-breaking Kuiper Belt object images, it took about 4 hours to transmit each image and 6 hours for the data to travel to Earth, Alan Stern, the principal investigator on the New Horizons mission, told Live Science.

That picture was part of a composite of 60 images looking back at the solar system, on February 14, 1990, when Voyager was 3.75 billion miles from Earth.

Soon after the Pale Blue Dot picture was taken, the cameras were turned off on Voyager 1, leaving its record unchallenged for the next 27 years.

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Using Long Range Reconnaissance Imager (LORRI) technology New Horizons was able to photograph several objects in the Belt as well as some dwarf planets. It extends in a disc around our sun, beyond the orbit of Neptune.

"That New Year's flight past MU69 will be the farthest planetary encounter in history, happening one billion miles beyond the Pluto system - which New Horizons famously explored in July 2015", said NASA.

The New Horizons spacecraft is said to be in good condition and is now hibernating, with mission control planning to awaken it again on June 4 in preparation for a flyby of Kuiper Belt object 2014 MU69 in mid-2019.

Shortly after midnight Eastern Time on January 1, 2019 - NASA's New Horizons spacecraft will buzz by the most primitive and most distant object ever explored.

Launched in 2006, New Horizons spacecraft is created to explore worlds at the our solar system.

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New Horizons is sleeping now, resting up for its next big adventure.

Scientists are eager to find out what New Horizons makes of MU69. The transmission rate for New Horizons is only about 2 kilobits per second.

For a couple of hours, this New Horizons image of the so-called Wishing Well star cluster, snapped on December 5, 2017, was the farthest image ever captured by a spacecraft.

The spacecraft became the first to fly over Pluto in 2015, and the first to explore the Kuiper Belt. The Jupiter flyby provided a gravity assist that increased New Horizons' speed; the flyby also enabled a general test of New Horizons' scientific capabilities, returning data about the planet's atmosphere, moons, and magnetosphere.

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