Steam's Lunar New Year sale is supposed to kick off today

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Even if you don't feel like loading up on cheap Steam games right now, it's worth popping over to the Lunar New Year Sale to see some cute dogs. Unlike in the past, Steam no longer does flash deals - all discounts will be available for the entire length of the sale.

If you are holding off on buying any games and saving your cash for the next Steam Sale, then we have good news for you. Is there anything you are hoping to grab in the Steam sale today? Now you can filter items shown on your Wishlist by levels of discount like 50% off or 75% off. In addition to a new template, you'll also notice new filters such as the ability to sort games by the percentage of the discount. There's also the option to see the price of games that are below your Steam Wallet balance, $5, or $10. Once applied, a wishlist filter will remain in effect until manually disabled.

Steam's Lunar New Year sale is supposed to kick off today
Empty your wallets: The Steam Lunar New Year sale has begun

Many players have reported that they find a promising game now in Early Access that they want to keep track of, but aren't interested in buying until the game has transitioned to full release.

Unreleased games added to the Wishlist will now have a release date noted.

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Below are some specific deals and you can visit the Steam Store to see the full list of now discounted titles.

Note: The combination of filters and sort-orders that you pick will automatically save and apply when you visit your Wishlist again in the future. You simply need to click one of the tags displayed next to a game to hide titles that don't share that tag. It's now possible to add a game to your basket directly from the list, without having to leap around to the store page first. The above changes are now live on Steam, and it sounds like Valve will be making further improvements as it receives more feedback on the new-look wishlists.

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