Alexa owners creeped out as devices start randomly laughing

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Its voice assistant Alexa is activated on Echo smart speakers through voice commands. Another Twitter user said an Echo whistled without prompting.

"We're aware of this and working to fix it", Amazon said in a statement, confirming the issue.

Some users say their Alexa-enabled gadgets start laughing totally unprompted. No time table was provided, but I think I'm just going to unplug my Echo for the time being.

Considering how Alexa's functions are relatively standard regarding what she can and cannot do when users started to notice Alexa laughing they started to freak out.

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The glitch has continued to pop up this week as well, as a user named Venand Naik tweeted about a similar occurrence on Sunday. Others have claimed Alexa has stopped responding to requests. Freaked @SnootyJuicer and I out.

The creepy laugh made it as a trending Twitter moment, as users shared their experiences and videos of the laughter.

For now, you can't configure Deezer to be your default music streaming service so you'll have to be specific when you tell Alexa where to play your music from.

Amazon wants to use Echo and Alexa to control your whole home.

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It's also not unheard of to have people talk to users through their Echo devices.

We're very excited to launch Deezer with Alexa in 66 countries and across a wide range of Alexa supported devices.

It's not uncommon for Echo devices to hear sounds and mistake them for a user's wake word.

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