Aussies can win a custom Sea of Thieves shanty this weekend

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Many Xbox fans are anxiously awaiting the release of Sea of Thieves and the good news is that the title's release draws near with each passing hour. For more on the open-world pirate game, read about how numerous game's achievements are actually riddles and head over to our wiki guide to see where you can find the various animals in the game. What were you expecting, an update that doubles the size of the game install size? Set to be released on March 20, Sea Of Thieves occupies an important place in the strategy of the Xbox division.

A new live-action trailer for the shared-world pirate adventure game Sea of Thieves has been released titled "Museum of More Pirate".

United Kingdom and European Union agree on terms for Brexit
The idea was also deemed "unacceptable" by the pro-British party in Northern Ireland that props up her government. However, "the transitional period will only come after everything is agreed", said Barnier .

Right at the end of February, Redditor Jefabell posted "Dear Rare, don't miss the opportunity to release a "Day One Patch" eye-patch with the games Day One Patch".

Xbox ANZ, the gaming giant's Australia/New Zealand division, has launched a unique promotion to support the launch of Sea of Thieves this week on Xbox One and PC.

England and Spurs striker Kane focused on quick return…
When the Swans last played in this round of the world-famous FA Cup , it was 1964 and the club was still called Swansea Town. Of course he is a fantastic striker - I like him a lot - but the big teams can replace good players with good players.

On Wednesday, you'll be able to play the retro-looking adventure game The Count Lucanor ($14.99) and the ambitious Where Are My Friends ($5.99). Are you already playing because you're in a region where the game has already unlocked? The Xbox One S Sea of Thieves Bundle is available for pre-order now at participating retailers in most Xbox One markets for $299.99 United States dollars. In addition, we remind you that it will be also part of Xbox Game Pass, a service that, in exchange for a monthly subscription, gives you access to a library of digital games.

Pakistan calls back envoy to India for meeting over harassment allegations
The spat over alleged official disrespect started with Pakistan accusing India of harassing its diplomats. We raise these issues in good faith through diplomatic channels and not through the media", said Kumar.