Classic Tomb Raider Titles Remastered for Steam

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Check out the two progress videos below to see how Realtech VR has done with the first two Tomb Raider games. However, today the company tweeted that the PC remaster has not been endorsed by Square Enix, and that the mod is "a working idea" which has not been officially green lit yet. And yet, both Lara Croft: Tomb Raider and follow-up The Cradle of Life are just as silly as most video game adaptations, full of bad CGI, terrible-looking costumes, and needlessly convoluted plots.

The remasters will feature a new 3D engine along with support for OpenVR, multiple graphic options and an option to play with a controller. The remastered version will also run at 60 fps, as compared to the original 30 fps. The classics will benefit of a new 3D engine, thus obtaining improved lighting and shadow effects, as well as advanced post-processing filters.

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For those who might just want decent performance on modern systems: all graphics can be turned down!

Now, before you get too excited, a few caveats - these Tomb Raider remasters will be based on the Android/iOS versions of the games. Realtech VR are now finishing up the Android/iOS port of Tomb Raider III, after which, they'll turn their full focus to the Steam remasters. "Since TR classic is on Steam, we will use the game data from there". A trailer for the third game's remaster is coming some time next month. And because the old Tomb Raider games are often sold at a discount on Valve's platform for less than $2, players can get the remastered editions for quite cheap. Realtech VR hasn't yet set a release date.

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"So, that was the journey we wanted to tell".

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