Days before he died, Hawking submitted paper on parallel universe

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The paper captures the framework for a probe under its mathematical equations and if it turns out to be correct, there is a strong chance that Hertog will receive a Nobel prize for his contributions.

It is now being reviewed by a leading scientific journal and may well prove the astrophysicist's most important scientific discovery, no small feat considering the remarkable body of work he has left behind. The Sunday Times newspaper reports that the paper will be published by an unnamed "leading journal" following the completion of a review. Hertog, a physics professor at KU Leuven University in Belgium, told the Sunday Times that he got final approval to submit the paper during a recent in-person meeting with Hawking. From this theory emerges another theory of the existence of many "Big Bang", each of which created its own universe, resulting in a multiverse.

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"These ideas offer the breathtaking prospect of finding evidence for the existence of other universes".

Hawking's and Professor James Hartle together had worked on "no boundary theory" in 1983, where they have described how the Earth dashed into existence during the Big Bang.

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It's a controversial idea, given that it, so far, has been impossible to measure or prove. Scientists said it is the first such theory that could actually be tested in experiments. It also theorizes about the end of the universe, saying that it will end as the stars run out of energy. Hawking will not be, simply because the prize is not awarded posthumously.

The idea of a dying universe, though, has remained controversial with cosmologists like Hawking's friend Neil Turok, director of Canada's Perimeter Institute.

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Evidence of other universes could change our understanding of the universe and our place in it, according to Frenk. But the physicist lived for more than a half century more, and in the ensuing time revolutionized theories around black holes and other fundamental features of the universe.