In reversal, former Trump aide says he'll probably cooperate

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Longtime Donald Trump associate Sam Nunberg said he loved the attention he received from a round of media interviews this week defying special counsel Robert Mueller but now plans to comply with the prosecutor's subpoena as quickly as possible.

Mr. Nunberg said that he was subpoenaed to go before a grand jury on Friday, but it is unclear from his bombastic interviews whether he has information that will prove valuable to Mr. Mueller, or whether he is a campaign aide simply nursing old wounds in a manner created to grab a cable-obsessed president's attention. "I'm not going to do it".

Nunberg, who served on the Trump campaign just two months before being fired by the then candidate-Trump, claims he was subpoenaed by Mueller's office requesting documentation of communication between him and a handful of Trump's 2016 campaign staff, including Stone.

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He said that while the mainstream media was obsessing over Nunberg's "freakout", they ignored other stories they should have been covering, including new evidence of the "real Russian Federation collusion" during the 2016 Election. And at a National Rifle Association event that April, Mr. Trump met Alexander Torshin, the deputy governor of the Russian central bank who has been linked to both Russia's security services and organized crime, according to Mr. Torshin.

In a telephone call with MSNBC, Nunberg said a subpoena to appear before a grand jury was "absolutely ridiculous".

Nunberg, a former Trump advisor, blew up the political landscape after what was possibly an alcohol-infused binge-appearance session across multiple media platforms Monday night. He rejected any notion that Trump had colluded with Russians. "But perhaps they don't", Nunberg told Bloomberg News on Wednesday.

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Wiley, a racial justice expert, joined the MSNBC segment shortly after Nunberg noted that he had been fired from the Trump campaign following the discovery of racially charged Facebook posts that he'd allegedly authored. In January, he laughed off a freaky and combative appearance on MSNBC by telling a friend who had asked him if he was drunk that he had been on cold medicine. He's so tough-let's see what they do. I think it would be amusing if they arrested me. I think it would be amusing if they arrested me. "I was very close to Donald Trump". He remains under the shadow of the Russian Federation probe and has seen his business dealings come under renewed scrutiny. The person was not authorized to discuss private conversations publicly. The president also has wondered aloud if the couple would be better off returning home to NY.

He said the point was to use a man who was clearly "melting down" to attack the Trump administration.

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