India putting regional peace at stake: Pakistani President

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Pakistan has also been accusing India of harassing its diplomats and releasing videos of alleged intimidation of its officials.

Pakistan High Commission on Friday hosted a civic reception to mark the National Day celebrations in the backdrop of a diplomatic fight with India.

He said Pakistan' foreign policy was centered around endeavours for permanent peace in the world and based upon non-interference in to internal issues of other countries.

Turkey says its forces won't stay in Syria's Afrin region
AFAD said it started delivering humanitarian aid to the region on January 29, nine days into the military offensive inside Syria. Turkey views the Syrian Kurdish militiamen as terrorists because of links to Kurdish insurgents fighting inside Turkey.

"I do hope that at this pivotal moment, with India and Pakistan at 70, there would be hard reflection on the time lost, and the opportunities missed", Mahmood said, while addressing the event. "Building a future different from the past remains indispensible".

The spike in tensions due to the cases of harassment and intimidation has dimmed hopes of a thaw between the two countries, sparked by Pakistan accepting proposals from India for the exchange of elderly, sick and women prisoners earlier this month.

He recalled that on March 23, 1940, a historic resolution was adopted in Lahore, which laid the foundation for the Pakistan movement. During a function at the Pakistan High Commission here, he said Pakistan has always cherished peaceful and cordial relations with its neigbours, including India.

More than 150 whales stranded on Australian beach
Efforts were underway Friday evening to move the seven surviving whales to deeper water, the department said on Twitter. The beached whales were spotted by a commercial fisherman early on Friday morning.

Talking about anti-terrorism operations in Pakistan, Hussain lauded the armed forces as well as the nation for eliminating terrorism from the country under operations Raddul Fasad and Zarb-i-Azb and announced a medal "Tamga-i-Azam" for those who rendered sacrifices for restoration of peace.

Mahmood, who returned to India on Thursday night from Islamabad, said peace, security and stability in South Asia could only be promoted on the principle of peaceful coexistence.

He reminded India that it could not suppress the indigenous struggle of the Kashmiri people and called upon an immediate peaceful resolution of the issue.

North Korea reportedly agrees to hold summit preparation talks in March
The computer-simulated Key Resolve will involve about 12,200 Americans and 10,000 South Korean military personnel, he said. The North on Saturday accepted the South's proposal to meet at Panmunjom, the Unification Ministry statement said.

He hoped there will be space for diplomacy and efforts to begin dialogue which helps the two countries resolve their differences and move towards bilateral relations.