Reports say the flu season is winding down

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Flu season has killed 22 more children, the most reported since the respiratory virus began slamming the country in the fall, according to a government report released Friday. He also offered a tip for North Carolinians ahead of next year's flu season.

"The flu season appears to have peaked in North Carolina, at least as regards the more common Type-A flu strain, which has shown a significant decrease the last two week", Dr. John Morrow, Pitt County health director, said.

It's been an active and widespread flu season, but the CDC is said the worst is over. According to the California Department of Health, influenza activity decreased for the week ending February 24, but remains elevated in every region of the state.

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H3N2 is associated with more complications, hospitalizations and deaths, especially among children, people older than 65 and those with certain chronic conditions.

"The first time that you were infected with an unfamiliar influenza strain it causes more severe illness that lasts longer", Scheifele said, adding that children generally shed more viruses, which means they can more readily infect others.

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That figure now stands at about 17 percent.

The H1N1 flu virus killed 282 USA children in 2009-2010 and influenza killed 148 children in 2014-2015. "We're still faced with this challenge, this technical challenge of getting a H3N2 to match the circulating strains". "That particular strain, the Singapore strain, does seem to do a better job of covering circulating viruses than the one we have this year", Webby said.

"Like previous seasons when H3N2 was dominant in the beginning of the season, we may see a late-season bump of influenza B", Nordlund said in an email. However, since fewer than half of Americans usually get a flu vaccine, it's hard to blame a bad flu year on a mediocre vaccine.

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