With Vikander leading, 'Tomb Raider' isn't half bad

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There's nothing sexy about that.

The movie is based around later editions to the gaming franchise, where Lara is portrayed as a younger, more gritty adventurer than as a busty sex symbol in hot trousers. While this year's Tomb Raider reboot doesn't officially hit theaters until March 16, early reviews are in and, as it turns out, Alicia Vikander stuns in the action hero role. "Overall, Tomb Raider" plays like a thoroughly mediocre (with splashes of fun) one off action flick.

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The new Lara Croft in the rebooted film is more athletic looking and dresses a lot more practically than the previous incarnation, which had Jolie as eye candy in a padded bra and hot trousers. History fans will be thrilled with the inclusion of Himiko, the captivating Japanese shaman queen who has divided scholars for millennia. "I think [the game developers] did brilliant work in bringing Lara Croft to a more contemporary setting", director Roar Uthaug told io9. Goggins and Vikander have strong adversarial chemistry as they move through the massive final set pieces. So insistent, in fact, that she bribes a reluctant Hong Kong sailor (Daniel Wu) to take her to a remote, unsafe island off the coast of Japan - her father's last-known destination.

Independent: The film may be based on a video game but we could be back in the world of Ray Harryhausen B-movie matinee adventures of the 1960s and 1970s. The game has been described as the "climactic finale of Lara's origin story" meaning this will likely conclude some sort of Tomb Raider trilogy but makes it sound like this will also mark the beginning of a whole new chapter in Lara Croft's story where she truly discovers who she is meant to be. Here are four film franchises that also got a face-lift when a new actor took over as the main character. A bit more creativity would have pushed Tomb Raider into the top ranks.

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"What's really important is that you feel Lara Croft as a real character", Uthaug said. When at the office she is given a puzzle box which gives her the clues to unlock a side to her father she never knew about and this leads her to an island filled with secrets, enemies, and a possible ancient evil. He's an interesting villain who comes across as a twisted version of Lara's father because all his motivations in the film stem from him trying to get back to his family. She also isn't afraid to take on a challenge for a few hundred bucks, like, say, biking through the streets of London with a foxtail attached to her machine while two dozen guys try to catch her.

She added: "I had a clear vision of how I wanted to play her". "I started jumping up and down screaming, running around saying, 'Thank you!" She's incredibly intelligent and resourceful but expectedly inexperienced.

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When you're essentially competing against incredible cut scenes in video games, how do you approach making a real-life movie that has to work within the reality of gravity and human frailty?