Zuckerberg says sorry to Britons with newspaper apology ads

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Meanwhile, Investigators from Britain's data watchdog have searched the London offices of Cambridge Analytica, the data analytics firm at the centre of the storm. The social network revealed that consultancy Cambridge Analytica had used vast amounts of data from Facebook to build profiles of American voters to help Donald Trump's campaign.

Elizabeth Denham, head of the ICO, sought the warrant after a whistleblower said Cambridge Analytica had gathered private information of 50 million Facebook users to support Donald Trump's 2016 USA presidential campaign. Facebook, however, said it recently learned from journalists that Cambridge Analytica may have kept some of the data, spurring an investigation.

Facebook defends its data collection and sharing activities by noting that it's adhering to a privacy policy it shares with users. "Bugs can cause damage, but bugs are created by people, and can be fixed by people", he said.

Wieser said the share price slump showed investors were wary of increased regulation and users leaving the platform "but there's little risk of advertisers leaving Facebook". For information about removing this data, contact the developer, Facebook advises. What's worse, he said, it was hard to avoid extracting private data.

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It's just not a question that Facebook seems to want to address.

Far from being the mild mannered computer geek he appears at first glance, there are notorious stories of Zuckerberg giving rousing Braveheart-esque speeches to Facebook employees. The company has lost more than $50 billion in market value since the allegations surfaced.

"Facebook's advertising system depends on user data, and it has used that data to develop targeted advertising capabilities that are better than any other company can offer".

Cambridge Analytica was later hired by the Trump campaign.

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Facebook needs to have more control over third-party apps that request information from it, says the head of Internet New Zealand.

Both Facebook and CA have denied any wrongdoing.

The Senate Commerce Committee on Friday called for Zuckerberg to come and explain how Facebook would "safeguard users" data.' A letter released Friday from panel chair Sen.

The apology also reiterated that Facebook had already changed its data collection rules, and that it was looking into "every single app" that had access to large data sets. It also makes using Facebook more seamless and enjoyable - say, by determining which posts to emphasize in your feed, or reminding you of friends' birthdays. That would let people decide whether or not to keep them.

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Zuckerberg apologized Wednesday in an interview with CNN for the recent events with his company. He then personally signed the ad.