Did Prince William just accidentally let slip the royal baby's gender?

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The royal seemed to subtly drop he & Kate Middleton are expecting a boy - and what he said is pretty convincing evidence!

After the birth, Kensington Palace will follow strict protocol steeped in tradition, with a few new-age action items thrown in for good measure.

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Are Prince George and Princess Charlotte getting a baby brother?

Ecstatic royal fans could be waiting days or even weeks for the birth of the latest royal, as the family remain tight lipped on the closely guarded due date secret.

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But his excitement may have come at a cost, considering Prince William low-key hinted that Kate is pregnant with a baby boy during his post-game celebrations. Part of the territory of St Mary's hospital where Duchess of Cambridge gave birth to Prince George and Princess Charlotte, already fenced, and the staff of medical institutions are willing to accept senior patient at any moment.

Kate is thought to have been overdue with both George and Charlotte, so a lot will depend on whether the same happens this time. It is also possible that the baby could share a birthday with one of its relations - its great grandmother the Queen will be 92 on April 21, and older sister Charlotte turns three on May 2. According to some - 23 April.

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