Google's Redesign of Gmail to Include a 'Confidential Mode'

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The impending overhead was anticipated since long as Google hasn't made many changes in design and feature of web-based Gmail interface.

"We work hard to comply with the right to be forgotten, but we take great care not to remove search results that are in the public interest and will defend the public's right to access lawful information", a Google spokesperson told Mashable via email. Also, the new feature will be smoothly embedded in the compose screen of the Gmail website which will make it easier for the users to switch to the "Confidential Mode".

According to those who have tested GMail's Confidential Mode, it will allow you to block the ability to resend, copy, download, or print emails sent by users and marked with a special option, which can prove to be extremely useful. When someone receives an email sent with Confidential Mode, it will contain an embedded link that will allow them to view the secure content.

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An American tech giant, Google all set to launch a refurbished Gmail with a fresh look.

TechCrunch in its story suggested that Self-destructing Email mode means sender can stop the recipient from downloading, forwarding, copying, or printing the email.

Warby, however, refused the request of another unnamed businessman who'd also asked Google to remove search results related to a prior criminal conviction. After following up on this news, TechCrunch obtained a series of screenshots revealing the service's upcoming design.

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The new Gmail design is now being tested inside of Google and with trusted partners. Furthermore, it will feature a right-side column in which users can load apps like Google Calendar, Tasks and Keep. If a user is busy and unable to respond to a particular email, he or she can hit the snooze button.

Well at the same time it is to be seen if the same feature will be applicable to recipients of other email services. However, when it expires the email will disappear from the inbox. Unless protection is offered against the incredibly simple process of taking a screenshot of any supposedly confidential mail, the whole feature might well be useless, and will simply protect against inbox searches post the expiry of the email.

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