Parkland activist has best response to transparent backpack rule

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"This backpack is probably worth more than my life", student Carmen Lo wrote on Twitter.

And since the rule went into effect on Monday - nearly two months after a former student sneaked an AR-15 onto campus in a rifle bag and used it to kill 17 people - students have complained that the policy is unnecessary and intrusive.

The comments come just days after Nugent said the students are "mushy brained children" and have "no soul" on another radio program, the conservative and nationally syndicated Joe Pags Show.

Runcie responded to Holden, "We will continue to re-evaluate and make changes based on experience and feedback from you and other students".

Across the US, hundreds of students, teachers and other people with huge social platforms were inspired by their persistence enough to say that they are standing with these advocates on their journey to change. The process will be very similar to when you enter a sporting event, at a concert or even at Disney World.

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Despite the jokes, many students are making their argument clear: The backpacks aren't enough to make them feel safe from gun violence, and they're still fighting for action from lawmakers.

School officials are also debating on whether they should install metal detectors.

"Got my id and clear backpack #thanksbrowardcounty#wedemandrealchange", student survivor Alyssa Goldfarb said.

In addition to the see-through backpacks, the school will also have a heightened security presence and students and staff will be given new security badges that they must wear at all times, according to the letter. It is very hard to balance both convenience/privacy with safety/security; if there is more of one, the other often suffers, but I will do my best to balance the two.

"We are doing this in order to demonstrate the fact that we stand together on all issues, and that we, as a student body, refuse to be reduced to nothing more than dollars and cents", Koerber said.

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While administrators may have had the best intentions, some students said the changes are too much.

The head of school, Ty Thompson, argues that it is a provisional measure among ors to secure school until new permanent rules are determined.

From this Monday we have reduced to four accesses for students at beginning of day and after beginning of classes only it is allowed to leave by a door.

There were also armed guards and Broward Sheriff's deputies inside the school.

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