The New Gmail: More Smarts, More Security... More Clutter

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Gmail made a name for itself as the email provider with the best spam filter, but although it represents a far smaller proportion of nuisance emails, phishing is a far bigger threat.

As an added security measure, you can require a recipient to authenticate via a text message, before they can even view the email.

The "snooze" function, which is already available on Gmail's mobile apps, makes emails disappear from your inbox and then reappear after a period of time set by the user.

Google started adding AI to Gmail a year ago with the ability to use "smart replies" to quickly respond to emails with phrases Google's machine learning algorithms would come up with.

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This includes an all-new Gmail, with a brand new look on the web, advanced security features, new applications of Google's artificial intelligence and even more integrations with other G Suite apps. A Google Tasks mobile app is also being unleashed on iOS and Android.

For one, you'll notice that the entire online Gmail app has received a makeover and looks fresher compared to the previous version. You simply click the cogwheel for settings in the top-right corner and select "Try the new Gmail". Notwithstanding, the choice wasn't accessible for us right now, so the take-off is by all accounts slower than anticipated. For added security, you can also add a second-factor authentication here, where the recipient will have to receive an SMS message with a Google-generated passcode to read the email. Gmail will also warn you if a mail is found to be potentially risky.

There's also more granular control in confidential mode over what the recepient can do you with that email, including the ability for senders to enable or revoke privileges like forwarding or downloading attachments.

Also, you can now mention individual people right in the body of an email, which automatically adds them to the list of recipients. A feature called Nudging does just that - it reminds users to respond to messages they missed or ignored. New offline capabilities on the web app will let you work without interruption if Wi-Fi is scarce. Now there's a high priority option, which only alerts you when an important email arrives.

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Smart Reply has changed the way people use Gmail, with tons of context-sensitive message options like "Got it" or "I'm busy" to be sent with a single tap. It's also much easier to access attachments without having to open an email. To accomplish this, Gmail will be rolling out new 'Confidential' button which will be embedded in the Compose section while sending the emails. "That move to Google's self-created Tensor processing chip empowers features such as "nudges" to react to overlooked messages and" suggested replies" to the messages.

Google's biggest redesign has lots of new features for both enterprise and personal users.

The new Gmail is available today for all personal Gmail users and G Suite early adopter program (EAP) customers, but all are meant to boost team productivity, according to David Thacker, VP Product Management for G Suite.

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