Woman says cliff crash mom ran kids' 'boot camp'

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A woman believed to have intentionally driven her wife and children off a cliff in the U.S. state of California was legally drunk, the local sheriff's office said. California drivers are considered drunk with a level of 0.08 or higher.

"Toxicology tests also revealed that at least some of the car's passengers had "significant" amounts of a sleep-inducing drug found in Benadryl in their systems", the Associated Press reported today.

Two more are missing and another body has been found but not identified.

California Highway Patrol officials said Thursday they had recovered personal items belonging to the family from the rain-swollen Eel River, confirming that the vehicle that fell into the river April 6 was that of the Thottapilly family.

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The California Highway Patrol has also said the crash is thought to have been intentional.

One of the two still missing was 15-year-old Devonte Hart, an African-American youth who gained attention in 2014 after being photographed embracing a white police officer during a protest following the fatal police shooting of a young black teenager in Ferguson, Missouri.

Heaven's been at home because her mother said on March 1 she could not believe her little girl came home from daycare with three front teeth missing, a busted lip and a swollen, bloody nose. Search teams have been looking for the missing family since then. The office was still waiting on toxicology results from a third child.

No one in the vehicle, a GMC Yukon, was wearing a seatbelt, Captain Carpenter said on Friday. Hannah Hart, 16; Devonte Hart, 15; and Sierra Hart, 12, have not been found. Authorities have not identified the woman.

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Last August, soon after the Harts moved into their rural home, neighbors Bruce and Dana DeKalb said a child rang their doorbell, seeking sanctuary from abuse. The family lived in Woodland, Washington, near Portland, Oregon, and were reportedly on a road trip, though Child Protective Services had been trying to reach them for days.

Police also said the Federal Bureau of Investigation was sending its Behavioral Analysis Unit to study cellphone data recovered from one of the family members' phones showing the Hart family's travel information.

And authorities have said social services officials in OR contacted the West Linn Police Department about the family in 2013 while they were living in the area.

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