Evicted 30-Year-Old Michael Rotondo Says His Parents Aren't Good People

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The 30-year-old says he will appeal the decision to evict him from the NY home.

The parents penned several letters to him going back to February, all asking him to leave the home they say they've owned since 1975, according to a civil petition they filed in Odondaga County Court.

The Rotondo's even offered their son money to find another place to live and fix his broken auto that sits in front of the home.

The judge heard Rotondo's parents started serving him written eviction notices February 2, and in a series of notes that followed they even offered him assistance including help finding an apartment, assistance with a vehicle issue and $1,100 to help with the cost of moving and living expenses. With reporters watching in court, Michael Rotondo sparred with Greenwood for 30 minutes, at one point refusing the judge's request to work things out directly to his parents, who were sitting quietly nearby.

Michael still didn't heed the notice that it was time to move on, and according to a note dated March 5 his parents reminded him of the looming deadline of March 15, documents show.

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Acting as his own attorney, Michael said he was never expected to contribute to expenses or to help with chores at his parents' home, where he has lived for the past eight years. They've got nothing on Michael Rotondo.

Then, as Syrcause.com noted, he went home to his parents' house.

Supreme Court Justice Donald Greenwood also branded Rotondo's plea for more time "outrageous" and issued him with an eviction order.

"3) There are jobs available even for those with a poor work history like you".

"They have no obligation to provide support, he's well over the age of 21", a lawyer for Rotondo's parents had argued in court.

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"Michael Joseph Rotondo, You are hereby evicted from 408 Weatheridge Drive, Camillus, New York effective immediately", one letter read.

During the proceeding, the judge applauded Rotondo's legal research, but presented him with a similar case which proves he's not eligible for a required six month notice to leave.

Citing a conversation with Rotondo as he rode the bus home from the courthouse on Tuesday, The New York Post reports that he claims that "his parents are forcing him out as "retaliation" for not allowing them to see his child before he lost custody himself last September".

Rotondo will be appealing the decision.

"I don't presently expect to be there three months from now", he told the judge. But when asked about his business, [Michael] replied: "'My business is my business'". "They don't provide laundry or food", he said.

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