Oceanographers record largest-ever wave in southern hemisphere off New Zealand coast

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The previous record-breaking wave in this region was recorded in 2012 when a wave was found to have reached 72.3 feet (22.03 meters) in height in Tasmania.

Nobody actually saw the 78-foot-tall (23.8 meters) wave crash down, but a buoy moored by New Zealand's Campbell Island managed to log the amazing wonder on May 8, according to MetOcean Solutions, a subsidiary of the Meteorological Service of New Zealand. The wave was generated by a deep low-pressure system and wind speed exceeding 65 knots.

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Waves like this do not just affect the coasts in southern hemisphere, but also those in the northern hemisphere. "It's very probable that larger waves occurred while the buoy was not recording".

"Assuming climate models are correct about stronger storms, then we can expect bigger waves as well", Durrant said, The Sydney Morning Herald reported.

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The New Zealand Meteorological Service installed a solar-powered buoy on March 2nd in the south of Campbell Island, located in the Pacific Ocean, a part of the so-called sub-Antarctic Islands. Second, it's very likely that much larger waves rolled around during the storm that produced the record-setting one, but since the MetOcean buoy only records for 20 minutes every three hours, it probably simply missed them.

The significant wave height for the Southern Ocean wave was 14.9 meters. "This is also a record for the Southern Ocean, but falls short of the 19m world record buoy measurement that was recorded in the North Atlantic during 2013", he said. "This is a very important storm to capture, and it will add greatly to our understanding of the wave physics under extreme conditions in the Southern Ocean".

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While the wave that struck near New Zealand and broke Southern Hemisphere records was certainly a powerful one, the strongest wave that has ever been recorded was set in Alaska in 1958 and measured 100 feet in height. The tsunami that struck Chile in 2010 was around six feet high. More than ten times the height of an average Christmas tree.