Fortnite supports cross-play between Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and mobile

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That's right, as revealed during the E3 2018 Nintendo Direct, you'll be able to floss, dab, and whatever else you want to do on your Nintendo Switch console starting from today, June 12. The graphics seem a little less crisp than what we've seen on the PS4, Xbox One and PC - likely thanks to the Switch's relative lack of graphical horsepower. The multiplayer shooter game, which lets players navigate a vast landscape, has racked up a huge following.

Each celebrity will be paired with a professional gamer, streamer or gaming influencer; these participants range from a background of a number of games, including League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Call of Duty, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and, of course, Fortnite itself.

Her mother, Carol, 36, said she and her husband Richard bought her an Xbox in January and she downloaded Fortnite.

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Although a specific time of the day has been given for when the Fortnite download will be activated tomorrow on the eShop, we'd surmise that it will happen at 12PM EST tomorrow morning or shortly thereafter. "I was a tester on PC who's finished every season and spent hundreds of dollars on the game but nope no Switch play for me since I played once on a PS4", writes user kagatoASUKA.

Fortnite may be getting an update that allows players to gift items, possibly using V-Bucks.

Nintendo says the game will be available at 10 a.m. PT on Tuesday morning, so you don't have long to wait. If you have any problems not detailed in this guide, please ask away in the comments and we'll include the most frequently asked questions in this guide.

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On the Nintendo Switch, Fortnite players can have the complete Battle Royale experience.

To find the skin, just search for "Fortnite Battle Royale: PlayStation Plus Celebration Pack 2". More succinctly, that means if you had your Epic account linked to a PSN profile, you'll have to go through the process of unlinking that account - often including progression resets - in order to connect with the Switch version.

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