Get ready to win WWDC 2018 with keynote bingo card

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If we're lucky, the conference might also include some more information about some new additions to the MacBook lineup, as a new MacBook Air has been slated for release some time this year.

Apple's event is traditionally used to give an early look at the next version of all Apple's software platforms before they are released to the public in the autumn.

Apple's keynote presentation is scheduled to start at 10 AM pacific time on Monday, June 4th.

All that said, a new report from Bloomberg sheds a little bit more light about what we can expect from Apple next week. Rumours even suggest that Apple could present a new MacBook Air with a Retina display, 10 years after launching the line, which has barely been updated in nearly three years.

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Apple has already chose to delay new features for the latest build of its mobile operating system that it was going to announce tomorrow. Following the iOS 11.4 update last week, the feature made its way to various Apple devices including the iPhone, iPad, and iPad touch devices. Apple watch will honor Pride month (June).

Apple engineers have been working on an initiative dubbed Digital Health, a series of tools to help users monitor how much time they spend on their devices and inside of certain applications.

Apple has said before that Dolby Atmos for Apple TV is coming, so rumours suggest it will be announced at this upcoming event.

The Apple Watch is already considered to be one of the best wearables for monitoring daily health and exercise but it's thought that in-depth sleep tracking could be next for this device. The feature will also limit personal data sent to Apple served. Nothing has really worked in the long run, and we are in the stage now where screen time is offered as reward for something else.

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Last year, Apple rolled out new iPads, iMacs and the HomePod during WWDC - its first hardware announcements in three WWDCs.

Launched in 2011 on iPhone 4S, "Siri" is not as evolved as Amazon's "Alexa" and "Google Assistant", The Verge reported this week.

Despite WWDC's focus on software, some hardware were introduced at the event before.

Apple is ready to open up its near-field communication chips in its iPhones and smart watches to allow more than just Apple Pay transactions, according to a recent report.

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