Gitlab goes after Github users amid Microsoft acquisition rumours

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The reports that Microsoft has signed a deal to acquire Github come just weeks after the technology giant said the company had struck a new deal with the Git repository operator.

Last valued at $2 billion after a $250 million funding round in 2015, Microsoft's suggested buying price for the platform is $5 billion. In any case, we will be sure to keep you abreast of updates as the story develops.

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Founded in 2008, GitHub is a commercial service based on the Git open-source project, and it gives people and companies a web-based way to collaborate on software development.

GitHub has been hunting for a new CEO for the last nine months, after co-founder Chris Wanstrath announced his intentions to step down. Google moved most of its projects to GitHub after Google Code shut down, and countless open-source Android applications and libraries live on the site as well.

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The deal is expected to help Microsoft by adding programming tools and partner with a company that has become a key way in how Microsoft writes its software.

Despite all those users, Github was not making money, and it probably wasn't long for the world as a independent company. However, this potential partnership has since evolved into a possible acquisition, though the source claimed that GitHub's asking price "was more than Microsoft now wanted to pay". Many engineers use the site to store their code, keep tabs on updates, and even use it as a discussion forum. The actual terms of the deal remain unknown. GitHub has also not responded to media inquiries to the potential acquisition.

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When a sweaty Steve Ballmer made that classic speech to software developers at Microsoft's 25th anniversary celebration in 2000, that was probably the last time Microsoft commanded the full attention of the developer community, which was also much smaller at the time.