Cher and Meryl Streep stun at Mammia Mia premiere — Blue carpet glamour

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The writer and director of Mamma Mia!

That first film made me break out in a combination of hives and bubonic plague.

Considerably fewer classics remain for Parker to tap for the second picture, including a sweet, heartfelt The Name Of The Game (cut from the original Mamma Mia!) and duets of One Of Us and Knowing Me, Knowing You staged as tear-stained break-ups. Here We Go Again in London, the costars shared a big kiss on the lips, probably making the rest of the cast jealous! Her daughter Sophie (Amanda Seyfried) is left to carry on her legacy without her wild and vivacious mother, or her man Sky (Dominic Cooper) for that matter.

"It's not what you think of when you think Abba, because I did it in a different way".

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The plot follows on from the first film, which grossed over $600 million at the box office, but this time has flashbacks explaining how Meryl Streep's character Donna arrived in Greece.

"It was great, and she was hiding watching me sing, and I was so excited. I I didn't found out until afterwards-I would have been more nervous". " sees Cher playing Ruby Sheridan, mother to Donna (Meryl Streep) and grandmother to Sophie (Amanda Seyfried)".

But as Cher told Entertainment Tonight, "I just thought it was cool".

So how does one celebrate Mamma Mia Day?

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We can't wait to hear what other songs she'll be covering!

Stunning! It looks like everyone had an wonderful time, especially Cher and Meryl!

Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again lays all of its Abba love on us with platform heels, tongue-in-cheek humour and joy-infused musical performances choreographed to perfection by Anthony Van Laast.

Even after their real-life breakup, they stayed friends, good friends, as Seyfried said in a 2013 interview.

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