New rallying call for 2020 Democrats: 'Abolish ICE'

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An Inspector General's report published this week by the Department of Homeland Security, the federal agency in which ICE is housed, found that ICE does an inadequate job of inspecting and maintaining its facilities, and fails to correct poor practices.

In a following tweet, he says abolition will "never happen!"

He's been the leading official at the border in regard to the country's current immigration crisis and recently spoke about the issue of child separation.

"And these are the ones - you get rid of ICE, you're going to have a country that you're going to be afraid to walk out of your house".

"Because they're going to get beaten so badly", he said.

Several other prominent Democrats have joined her call, including Sen.

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I'm introducing legislation that would abolish ICE and crack down on the agency's blanket directive to target and round up individuals and families.

Though many who show up will be seasoned anti-Trump demonstrators, others will be new to immigration activism, including parents who say they feel compelled to show up after heart-wrenching accounts of children forcibly taken from their families as they crossed the border illegally.

"I am pleased that ICE will continue to be led by an experienced and well-respected career law enforcement officer who will be a strong advocate for the agency's workforce", she added.

"I'm a mom, and I think everyone I know that I've talked to about this issue has had a very visceral reaction", Sharaf said.

Angel Padilla, policy director at the grassroots group Indivisible, said ICE "terrorizes communities" and that Gillibrand's move "demonstrates where the progressive base is".

Cristobal Alex, president of the Latino Victory Project, a political action group that backs pro-immigration candidates, rejected ICE as a "litmus test".

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New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand becomes the first sitting USA senator to publicly call for the elimination of Immigration and Customs Enforcement; reaction and analysis on 'The Five'.

Indeed, the would-be presidential candidates haven't yet detailed what they propose in ICE's place.

During my trip to the southern border, it was clear that ICE, and its actions of hunting down and tearing apart families, has wreaked havoc on far too many people.

Alarmed by the rhetoric, the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, which has been critical of Trump's immigration agenda, developed talking points to emphasise the "inhumane and harsh" treatment of immigrants by ICE.

"The Democratic Party had a reckoning about the crime bill, financial deregulation and about welfare reform, but it never really had a reckoning about their complicity in creating both the intellectual framework for this sort of policy", said Sean McElwee, a leading activist in the anti-ICE movement and early supporter of Ocasio-Cortez's campaign. Support for the notion of open borders on the left is also becoming more apparent according to The Guardian, though incumbent Democratic politicians and press are quick to dismiss this scenario, as The Washington Post suggests. "But having the left flank that did made the right folks willing to at least talk to King".

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