Chemical Linked With Cancer Found In Oat Cereals

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He had claimed that Roundup, the weed killer made by Monsanto, caused his terminal cancer.

The company was ordered to pay $289 million in damages to Dewayne Johnson, who worked for years as a school groundskeeper in California.

He was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma in 2014. Lowry says even organic products can contain pesticides. And in California, dying plaintiffs can be granted expedited trials. "At this point I don't know that we know to what extent or how much anybody would have to eat in order to have harm occur".

"The EWG's claim about cancer is false".

But as for whether Roundup could actually have been the sole or even primary cause of an individual's cancer, the research leans heavily toward "no". Most experts in the field agree saying there's very little evidence that glyphosate causes cancer or any other health problems. The jury got it wrong. "Over those four decades, researchers have conducted more than 800 scientific studies and reviews that prove glyphosate is safe for use". "Any levels of glyphosate that may remain are significantly below any limits of the safety standards set by the EPA and the European Commission as safe for human consumption".

The chemical is a major part of Monsanto's business portfolio and extends far beyond consumer weedkiller products.

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Agricultural giant Monsanto has been embroiled in a court case over its popular herbicide Roundup.

Thomson ReutersMonsanto's glyphosate-containing Roundup for sale in California.

Glyphosate is classified as a probable carcinogen by the World Health Organization and was listed previous year as a chemical known to cause cancer by California.

The study, carried out by the non-profit Environmental Working Group, found that 43 out of 45 popular breakfast cereals tested in three locations in the U.S. contained traces of glyphosate.

"It is time now for them to step up and do their jobs to ban glyphosate", said Zen Honeycutt, who heads Moms Across America, a group formed to raise awareness about toxic exposures.

In fact, Quaker Old Fashioned Oats, which is one of the healthiest foods on the list of breakfast foods from the research, had the highest level of the weedkiller, according to Quartz.

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The level considered safe to consume is 160 ppb.

In a statement, it said the company was sympathetic to former grounds keeper Mr Johnson and his family, but glyphosate was a "safe tool for farmers and others". "The EPA has researched this issue and has set rules that we follow".

Amarelo stated in an article released yesterday, "General Mills and Quaker Oats are relying on outdated safety standards used by a government agency that is notorious for neglecting new science on chemicals".

However, meeting government standards might not be enough to escape public backlash. "The agency's assessment found no other meaningful risks to human health when the product is used according to the pesticide label", the EPA says. In response to the lawsuit, Partridge gave a statement to CNN.

"No other herbicide has been tested to the lengths that glyphosate has", the NFF president, Fiona Simson, said as quoted in The Guardian.

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