Kiki Challenge: UP Police Says ‘Not Every Challenge Is Worth Taking’!..

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The challenge involves a person jumping out of a slow moving auto and dancing alongside it and it has been inspired by singer Drake's latest hit In My Feelings.

With a wag of her tail, 7-year-old Supra shows off her dance moves to the song by scooting alongside a driving auto. And by now, you must've already guessed- it's the Kiki Challenge!

It further said, "Standing outside window or jumping out of a moving auto, train, car, or to break into a dance may seem freaky".

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The social media world was flooded with similar dance videos, with some referring to it as Kiki.

Delhi Police has also issued the problem by tweeting, Dance on the floors, not on the roads!

"Roads in our country are not like the roads in Europe, so doing Kiki Challenge here may prove risky to the person who takes the challenge and for others also", said Akshayraj. "#DanceYourWayToSafety #InMySafetyFeelingsChallenge", the Mumbai Police said in its post on 26 July. Later American footballer Odell Beckham Jr also recorded himself dancing outside his vehicle.

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Some videos of the challenge, uploaded on the internet, show oblivious dancers crashing into poles, tripping on potholes and even falling out of cars. Mumbai cops tweeted about the challenge causing harm to one's self as well as others.

A senior police officer said there are sections under the Delhi Police Act under which the people indulging in the act can be booked for creating nuisance on the roads or playing loud music.

The Chandigarh Police has warned the young people from taking the Kiki dance challenge.

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