A guy behind Trump at a campaign rally stole the show

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Thank you for signing up for the 5 Things to Know Newsletter. Though he is not a Trump fan, per se, he had planned to attend the rally when he heard Trump would be visiting Montana because he didn't want to miss an opportunity to see the president. So whenever I disagree with him, you could tell that I disagreed.

As Trump delivered remarks on Thursday night, Linfesty was positioned directly behind him and made several facial expressions before a staffer apparently asked him to leave.

"I'm not going to pass up the chance to see the president of the United States" he told Lemon.

Linfesty said he disagreed with "plenty" of what the president said but wasn't against all of it.

Linfesty was later interviewed on CNN Tonight with Don Lemon, saying his reactions were natural and not acted out, and that he would have given them if anybody said such ridiculous things to him.

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"I am part of the Democratic Socialists of America", he said, "but I identify as a social democrat, like Bernie Sanders or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez".

"I'll be the only President in history they'll say: 'What a job he's done!"

Less than an hour into Trump's speech, a woman came and took Linfesty's place behind the President.

"What Tester did to Admiral Jackson should never, ever be allowed", Trump said, calling the allegations "lies".

"I didn't really have a plan", Linfesty said. Shortly afterward, his two friends were also removed. "I knew I was getting removed because I wasn't enthusiastic enough". Seeking to portray the Montana farmer as a tool of liberal Democrats, Trump said, "Jon Tester talks like he's from Montana, but he votes like he's Nancy Pelosi" - a reference to the House minority leader, who is a frequent Trump target.

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"It's embarrassing to watch those people make fools of themselves as they scream and shout at this great gentleman", Trump said after three days of hearings on Kavanaugh's nomination.

Prior to engaging the Republican Committee about reserved seats, Linfesty said he always wondered how genuine the people behind the president were.

Linfesty then left without incident, as Secret Service agents flanked him on each side.

One of the two in the FFA jacket is Jack Bernhardt, who replied to Wilson: "I was the FFA kid on his right and I very much appreciate your comment!"

"When I heard the policies, I disagreed with a lot of them", the student explained.

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