Astronaut captures photos of ominous-looking Hurricane Florence from space

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"While it's still too early to know the storm's path, we know we have to be prepared", Cooper said in a news release.

Swells generated by Florence will begin to affect Bermuda later today.

Cooper's emergency declaration makes it possible to waive the state's transportation rules so North Carolina farmers can harvest and transport their crops to market faster.

In scenario two, if the high pressure over the central Atlantic strengthens, then Florence may complete its 3,500-mile journey over the Atlantic, landing right on the US East Coast.

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"There is still very large uncertainty in Florences track beyond Day 5, and it is too soon to determine what, if any, other impacts Florence could have on the U.S. East Coast next week", according to Hurricane Center forecasters.

The storm, which decreased to a Category 2 hurricane from a Category 4 overnight, moved slightly south since yesterday's predictions, spinning 105 miles per hour winds. The storm's maximum sustained winds were 40 miles per hour and it was moving west at 12 miles per hour.

Meanwhile, a new tropical storm, "Helene", has formed in the eastern Atlantic off the western coast of Africa.

In the Pacific Ocean, while Tropical Storm Norman is not expected to hit Hawaii, Hurricane Olivia could hit the islands next week, potentially as a tropical storm, the hurricane center said.

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"Florence could become a hurricane again by Saturday night or Sunday", it said.

Their updated advisory on September 6 noted that the hurricane appears to be weakening, but may still cause damage. Earlier this week, there was a great model spread in the track of Florence of whether it would stay out to sea or continue west towards the United States.

In the photos, Florence seems massive, albeit somewhat disorganized since the hurricane's eye isn't immediately noticeable and the storm has lost some of it's symmetry.

A low-pressure system west of the Cabo Verde Islands was expected to develop into a tropical system in coming days.

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The closest system, about 500 miles west of the Cape Verde Islands, was still stretched across a broad area.