Google Chrome’s new Material Design theme rolls out on all platforms

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In general, the new design of Google Chrome features more rounded corners, new icons, and a whiter color palette.

"Many of the reports mention that this also affect the UI so we're likely looking at a Skia or Chrome side change", a Google engineer wrote in the official bug report, suggesting a possible cause for the issue. On iOS (but strangely not on Android), the toolbar has been moved to the bottom for easier reach.

The screenshot that you see above depicts the new default design of the Google Chrome web browser on desktop operating systems. Chrome has long offered to remember user passwords, but now its built-in password manager will generate strong passwords on demand as well, and it's also supposed to be smarter when it comes to knowing when you want to fill in your saved information (it can manage addresses, contact information and payment sources as well as passwords). Chrome will save the generated password, and next time you sign in, it will be available on both your laptop and phone. In case you're wondering about performance, Google says it continues to work on improving startup time, latency, memory use and more, although it doesn't seem we'll see changes there to this particular build. To put all of these new features to the test yourself, be sure to update your Chrome browser now. This new tab design also makes it easier to see the icons associated with a site so that they are easier to find within a sea of open tabs. This is just one example of how more immersive experiences on Chrome could help you get things done faster.

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As Chrome gained popularity, the browsers market share continued to grow exponentially and today holds more than 60% of that share on desktop and over 50% on mobile.

This week is the Google Chrome browser's tenth anniversary, and Google is celebrating with the release of Chrome 69.

While the auto-answer feature worked well when I tested it out in Chrome Canary (giving me the Yankees score from last night, and completing mathematic equations), its use of already-opened tabs didn't work during as well. As far back as Chrome 56, the company had started to issue warnings about the lack of security on HTTP sites. Chrome has undergone slight UI modifications in the past, but this was the browser's first major UI redesign since its launch, a decade ago.

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Chrome's Omnibox, which allows the address bar to be used as a search bar is getting smarter.

Tab backgrounds can now be customised with the photo of the user's choice and shortcuts can be created directly from the new tab.

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