Nintendo to sell NES-style Switch wireless controllers to online service subscribers

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In terms of perks, you don't get current gen games for free like you do on PSN.

Ninty has provided more details on the whole account linking and unlinking here and here, so give it a read if you're a bit lost. For individual memberships, one, three and 12-month subscriptions will cost $3.99, $7.99 and $19.99, respectively.

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Shortly afterward, his two friends were also removed. "I knew I was getting removed because I wasn't enthusiastic enough". Linfesty said he disagreed with "plenty" of what the president said but wasn't against all of it.

As if the Nintendo Switch wasn't getting enough awesome accessories already (like that GameCube controller and adapter), it's set to become home to classic gaming NES fun! You can make use of a seven-day free trial by signing up on the Nintendo eShop starting September 18. They will become available for order as a special offer to online service subscribers at an undisclosed date. Other games will have the standard-fare multiplayer enhanced for online multiplayer. We say standard, but that isn't quite the right word to describe it.

Take a look at the clip above if you haven't already seen it, and tell us below what you think about the upcoming online service. The aforementioned Splatoon 2 is one such title, unfortunately.

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Nintendo says the Switch Online service brings benefits such as cloud-synced data for user profiles, so you don't need to worry about losing any of your game info, plus NES games will be available for free.

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