Samsung hints Galaxy A phone with four cameras is coming next month

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However, it looks like the company isn't done with Galaxy devices just yet. A little over a month after unveiling its latest flagship device, the Galaxy Note9, the company has announced that it will hold another event on October 11 to introduce another Galaxy device.

It could also be the new Galaxy A (2019) series that traditionally launches during the December- January timeline. Could it be smartglasses, a dual display smartphone, or a new mid-range smartphone that they said would be coming to market this fall aimed at millennials?

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There has been speculation that Samsung is developing Galaxy S10 with a triple-lens camera and a self-healing screen.

No time or location for the event has been confirmed, but it will be broadcast live on the company's website. There's been other rumours and speculation to support this, such as notable Samsung leaker @UniverseIce tweeting "Samsung Camera Camera Camera Camera" earlier this month.

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Granted, we still need more details about this cheap Galaxy S10, but it sure sounds like the phone won't be able to compete against the iPhone XR. The most important thing is that the phone is priced the same (Rs 67,900) as its predecessor i.e. Samsung Galaxy Note 8, when it was launched. The review of the phone by Marques Brownlee will let you in on this trend that perhaps Samsung is thinking of bringing to market in October. The telephoto and wide-angle lenses will additionally come with optical image stabilization, and all three telephones can find twin aperture cameras.

We are already holding our breath for the foldable smartphone which is expected to be uncovered by the end this year by Samsung. Now, long tap on the reboot or Restart button until you see a popup asking for safe mode.

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