The first trailer for X-Men: Dark Phoenix is finally here!

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20th Century Fox has also uploaded the first official poster for Dark Phoenix, featuring Turner's Jean Grey in front of a cosmic landscape.

In X-Men: Dark Phoenix, the latest offering in the tumultuous X-Men franchise, reunites some of the biggest stars for an explosive, action-packed epic tale of psychic mutant Jean Grey - played by Turner - and her descent into darkness. After multiple adaptations and retellings of the original story over a variety of formats, Fox's latest attempt to get the Phoenix "right" is finally upon is.

The movie is set to be released on February 14, 2019. The dark power inside her has become a threat to her own self and is a danger to X-Men.

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In the movie, Jean Grey (Turner) is almost killed after being hit by a cosmic force. This Entertainment Weekly story from past year referred to it as both with and without the "X-Men" label, and the film is listed on IMDb as "X-Men: Dark Phoenix".

In the comics, the X-Men are emotionally torn after Jean Grey comes into contact with an interstellar being of vast power that takes over her body.

The first Dark Phoenix trailer sets up the stage for the film's events, most of which will be centred on Grey, who's the lead this time. Now Jean is free to help rebuild the X-Men school, while honing her powers under the tutelage of Xavier, Beast, and Mystique.

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X3, also known as The Last Stand, portrayed Jean (played then by Famke Janssen) as mentally unstable and extremely powerful villain.

Are you excited for Dark Phoenix? The older Grey ends up on the island of Genosha to see Magneto (Michael Fassbender), who says later she came "looking for permission" not answers.

It's certainly a dramatic turn from the Phoenix character we saw in The Last Stand and Bryan Singer's X2.

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