UK Professor Mifsud who linked Trump campaign with Russian Federation dead

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It comes ten months after Papadopoulos pleaded guilty to lying to the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), which at the time was leading the probe into allegations that Russian Federation interfered in the 2016 United States presidential elections.

Papadopoulos, the first campaign aide sentenced in special counsel Robert Mueller's ongoing investigation, acknowledged that his actions hindered an investigation of national importance, a move that the judge in his case said resulted in the 31-year-old putting his own self-interest above that of his country. He's the second defendant to be sentenced, after lawyer Alex van der Zwaan got 30 days behind bars.

Papadopoulos, who served as a foreign policy adviser to President Donald Trump's campaign, has been a central figure in the Russian Federation investigation dating back before Mueller's May 2017 appointment. The FBI, tipped off by the Australians, began looking into the matter.

In asking the court for leniency, Papadopoulos said he made "a awful mistake, for which I have paid a bad price, and am deeply ashamed", and that he was motivated to lie to the Federal Bureau of Investigation try to "create distance between the issue, myself, and the president". His case was also the first to detail a member of the Trump campaign having knowledge of Russian efforts to interfere in the 2016 presidential election while it was ongoing.

His lies about the timing of his encounter with the professor, including the false claim that it came before he'd joined the campaign, prevented investigators from effectively questioning Mifsud when he was in Washington in February 2017, prosecutors said in a court filing. And, the prosecutors add, Papadopoulos has been hard for them to handle since he was arrested in July 2017.

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Papadopoulos has cooperated for more than a year with Mueller's probe, but it remains unknown whether he has provided the probe with any information supporting allegations of collusion with Russian Federation.

Manafort, who was convicted last month on bank and tax fraud charges, will be sentenced in December.

He was also ordered to pay a $9,500 fine and perform community service. The judge said there's no evidence Papadopolous had "any desire to aid Russian Federation in any way".

Mr. Sessions has previously testified to Congress that he pushed back against the proposal, but the memo filed by Mr. Papadopoulos's lawyers contradicts Mr. Sessions' account, saying that both Mr. Trump and Mr. Sessions appeared receptive to the idea.

The sentence was significantly less than prosecutors' recommendation of six months.

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It's stunning enough to have a former campaign aide to the president of the United States sentenced as part of a foreign counterintelligence investigation.

But the tweet illustrated how closely the President and his team were following the sentencing hearing today in Washington.

Russian Federation has continually denied allegations of interfering in the 2016 election. "There's no doubt about it".

Russian Federation has denied US allegations that it interfered in the campaign and Trump denies campaign collusion.

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