How to quickly delete your Google search data

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Scroll down to "Delete your Search activity" on the page.

First and foremost, you can now delete your search history without ever leaving Google Search. The case against Facebook states that, even if a user opts out of Location History within the app's Privacy settings, the social media will still collect a portfolio of "estimated locations" for said person, by analyzing IP addresses and local Wi-Fi data.

To be clear, these are all controls that we could already access through Google's account settings menu.

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"Having access to relevant and actionable privacy controls directly from the Google products you use every day is just one way that we are continuously working to build privacy that works for everyone", the company said in a blog post.

Under the new overhaul, users can immediately access their Google search settings by simply heading to the "Settings" tab in their Google search and clicking "Your data in Search". Earlier, users had to go to their Google account to manage their search data, review it, and delete search history. To delete all your Google search history, click the "Delete all Search activity" button.

After initiating a search, tap the hamburger menu next to the Google logo.

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Log into your Google account in the Chrome. The case against Google isn't about being "secretive" in their data-collection practice, but criticizes the company for being deceptive with their privacy toggles and switches.

The popup highlights that Google may keep some Telemetry data, e.g. the number of searches of a user, after the search activity that is on record is deleted.

This is why the privacy controls won't be hidden away in the settings anymore.

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This new feature is available starting today on mobile devices and on the desktop. Google plans to eventually expand the privacy features to other products, such as its mapping applications.