Kanye West reactivates Twitter account with bizarre video

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Naturally, Saturday Night Live saw nothing but the humor in it and recreated the meeting for its cold open on Saturday night's (October 13) episode.

Kanye West took a break from family time in Africa to get in touch with the world via social media once again, and his goal was to speak out against mind control. and oddly, social media.

Chris Redd nailed the MAGA hat and little else for his Kanye impression, while Kenan Thompson fared much better as Jim Brown. View the clip and judge for yourself. "Who does he remind me of?" wonders Baldwin.

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Another line from the Trump character: "Black people love me way more than Alec Baldwin".

During the SNL version of West's sitdown with Trump, West did most of the talking while Baldwin's voiceover echoed what Trump was thinking.

"The only thing I want to point out is mental health in the black community is apparently an even bigger issue than I thought", he said. Here's what we know about Donald Trump's taste in music, his habit of listening to tracks that mention him, and his choice to make his own playlists for rallies.

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"So in conclusion, 13th Amendment, Chi-Raq, trap doors lead to the Unabomber, male energy, Trump is my dad, Hillary [Clinton]'s a woman and the media needs to start making this President look good", Redd's West said wrapping up his speech.

"I just got back my IQ scores and they were Mensa level 133, 98 percentile, like straight up Tesla vibes and I feel like when people try and tell me what to do, I feel like they're touching my brain".

"He doesn't stop", Trump thinks to himself.

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You can see the entire project here ; the "iPlane" rendering is about two-thirds of the way down the page. After all that, the president brought the show to a close by suggesting, "Let's go have some lunch, OK?"