Lady Gaga: 'There's a price to stardom''

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The screen loves her, and if she doesn't love it, she is hiding it well - the title of this movie applies to her as well. Considering it's the fourth, it's awesome how original the film feels.

Alison's question provoked such a crazed response even Warner Bros felt the need to answer, especially as Lady Gaga and her father are seemingly from NY, but the film is obviously set in California, as the opening scene unfolds at a West Coast music festival.

Hell Fest is the latest thrill ride from Hurd, directed by Gregory Plotkin from a screenplay by Seth M. Sherwood and Blair Butler and Akela Cooper, from a story by William Penick, Christopher Sey, and Stephen Susco. He brings a lot of legitimate musical soul to the role. Ally could do so much better, and at first I assumed she was only playing him for his music celeb status - no judgment since I would have done the same - but it develops into something serious, which I wouldn't have minded if Gaga still had the center stage like she deserved. (She had bit parts in Sin City and Muppet movies). We know someone's star will fade in a spectacular explosion; suspense comes from wondering how. And the film decides in its second half that it is more interested in Jackson's midwifery than in Ally's first days as a newborn. Throughout the film, Ally discovers her role as a newly introduced singer/songwriter. He's instantly convinced he's witnessing a diamond in the rough and implores her to join him on the road. Attraction is one powerful current, though, and Ally chooses to "dive in" anyway, hoping Jackson will truly "let the old ways die" in order to clean up and show up for her. He had a attractive one, a handsome story to tell. But while past incarnations have been a bit shmaltzy (Streisand's '70s take was pretty goofy), his take is gritty, intelligent, heartfelt and at times emotionally overwhelming. And the movie goes on too long. In a heavy-handed backstage scene, Jackson tenderly peels a fake eyebrow off Ally's face-stripping away her mask, so that she's vulnerable. After an electrifying opening concert, we see Jackson heading to the nearest shaded bar, just to quench his thirst for alcohol. He's an incredible director, an incredible singer, an incredible musician and songwriter.

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The two start on a musical adventure together where Ally finally rises to fame, all with the help of Jackson.

Less of a technical spectacle than "La La Land", the film is a labor of love between Gaga and Cooper.

"The juxtaposition of having your dream come true in one sense but then also having your love life and your life kind of come crashing down around you, those two stories intersecting, those are two things everyone can relate to in one way or another", says Jay. It's rare that a film lives up to the hype as this one has.

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Movie soundtracks have taken over the chart in 2018, with songs from Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again and The Greatest Showman also making an impact. Her final number in the film will cause your eyes to fill.

I'll admit the trailer for A Star Is Born made me cringe. You'll do yourself a disservice if you miss this one.

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