Melania Trump’s visit to Africa in Pictures

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The First Lady described her tour as "amazing" and said she hoped people would talk more about her visit and less about her fashion choices.

It's not the first time Trump has been in the news for an outfit. It was her first major solo trip overseas and a rare example of a time when she has answered questions by reporters. "Do U?" printed on the back during a June trip to the U.S. -Mexico border?

"This is a first lady that no matter what she does - it's sort of 'damned if I do, damned it I don't, '" CNN's Kate Bennett, who traveled to Africa with the first lady, told Inside Edition.

However, social media users have been quick to mock the First Lady - questioning what it is she actually does beyond grabbing headlines with her outfit choices.

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Washington has long maintained a strong relationship with Cairo, which was briefly soured by the ouster of president Mohamed Mursi in 2013 and the temporary suspension of $1.3bn in military aid under US President Barack Obama. "This was a puzzler".

On Friday, Ms Trump was told she had made a "silly sartorial choice" by wearing a pith helmet while on safari in Kenya. For some, the helmet is a symbol of colonialism.

"It is amusing that she's cosplaying as a Nazi who literally gets melted by god at the end of a good movie", comedian Rob Delaney posted on Twitter.

However, she declined to say if she believed the accusations. "It's not a place looking for white saviors in colonial getup".

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Trump has focussed on her signature issue of campaigning for children with stops at a hospital, primary school and an orphanage.

The first steps of the visit of Melania Trump in Africa, presented as a "diplomatic and humanitarian", have not mobilized the crowds or aroused of genuine fervour.

Here, she goes with an animal-print theme. Its pledge to make cyberbullying one of her main aims prompted derision from the public, given her husband's notorious Twitter account and history of attacking people online. Video footage of her time in the park shows Trump appearing to enjoy herself while feeding formula to baby elephants. It must then go to the presidential palace, according to the egyptian press.

It is Trump's first time in Africa - visiting four countries in five days - and her first solo worldwide trip as the first lady. "We must always do our best to preserve such important historical sites, and I was so pleased to learn of the work that USAID has done to help with preservation efforts at the base of the Sphinx", she said. That's very important what we do, what we're doing with USA aid, what I do with my initiatives.

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