PM meets with Quebec dairy farmers post USMCA, promises compensation

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All the animals in their herd have unique names instead of numbers like many dairy farmers.

The new United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement would replace the North American Free Trade Agreement.

The terms reached between the US and Mexico on higher wage thresholds will also be positive for Canadian producers, said Unifor president Jerry Dias, who welcomed the deal.

"This a victory for Canada because that amount is actually well above what we now send south of the border".

"One of the reasons they want access to Canada is so we can be a dumping ground for their surplus products", Wiens said.

"We've created stability with our largest trading partner this week with the new deal with the United States, Mexico and Canada", he told reporters after touting the agreement to the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade.

"With the opportunity to ship USA products overseas, that strengthens sales opportunities and, hopefully, will kick the price up so our local farms can continue to survive and hire local people, and of course produce fresh, quality milk that we all can drink", Bickford said.

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Canada's automakers appear to be the big winners from a renegotiated trade pact between Canada, the USA and Mexico, while steel and aluminum makers and dairy producers have less to celebrate.

"The impacts will be minimal".

While it marks a positive change for the industry, experts caution that it might not be enough to move the needle on the dairy industry's prevailing struggles.

Meanwhile, milk production continues to rise.

Low prices have put pressure on the industry, driving some OH farmers to leave the business entirely. But President Roger Johnson issued a statement saying that the deal, while no panacea, would help to fix strained trade relations between the three countries. And hopefully with this new trade, it'll not break us.

"The number one export industry in the country is the auto industry", he said, adding that Trump's threat to impose 25 percent tariffs on Canadian automobiles and parts was also off the table.

The measures will have a "dramatic impact" on dairy farmers and cause the industry to shrink, said Pierre Lampron, president of Dairy Farmers Canada, in a statement.

Bullard said the labeling system is deceptive to consumers who think they're purchasing a US -made product. "So, we're not interested in that", he said.

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While most farm commodity prices remain at or below breakeven, surveys around the country verify the underlying strength in the farmland market.

Graeff says USA dairy futures are “mostly steady to firm, ” but he notes “there was no major market move” after the news. That is according to Lauren Williams, senior associate director of national affairs for the New York Farm Bureau. It was the single-most important element driving a Canadian desire to gain a deal.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture did away with the regulation in 2015 after persistent complaints from Canada and Mexico. Whole-milk sales were down more than 50 percent from the 1970s.

Still, North is confident that as the deal is ratified and the new USA quotas in Canada take effect, it will move the market positively.

He says dairy farmers will be compensated to make up for access to 3.59 per cent of Canada's market by American dairy producers under the new agreement.

The trade agreement would also open roughly 3.5 percent of the Canadian milk market to U.S. farmers, Bignami says.

But he said he'll need more information to determine if it will have a tangible impact on overall demand and prices, noting the lack of reaction this week from the USA milk market. "We have been a leader in encouraging and engaging with other jurisdictions on free trade issue". "We don't have Canada and Mexico hanging out there like we do China and Japan, and I guess South Korea (KORUS) is inked, but Europe".

And it wasn't until Canada agreed to end the controversial policy a new trade agreement was reached. So you'll soon have both B.C. and USA wines to pick from while buying groceries.

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"I don't see a big resurgence in prices because of it", said Bob Wellington, an economist for Agri-Mark, a Northeast cooperative based in Andover, Massachusetts, which represents 900 farms.