Three 'pretty big' earthquakes reported in Pacific Ocean off Vancouver Island

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After a series of earthquakes hit off the west coast of Vancouver Island on Sunday night, a seventh quake has been reported this morning 225 km west of the town of Tofino, and 419 km west of Victoria.

The temblor was situated 218 km southwest of Port Hardy, a town on the northernmost tip of Vancouver Island.

That one is being called the "foreshock" as a stronger 6.8-magnitude quake occurred 35 minutes later. They say there are a few reports of light shaking but no damage or tsunami is expected.

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The National Tsunami Warning Center tweeted that a tsunami is "Not expected".

Aftershocks are already following the terrifying wave of earthquakes, with a 4.9 magnitude tremor hitting the area at 7.36am BST.

There has been an increase in seismic activity in the last 24 hours along the Ring of Fire - the Pacific plate which sees the most earthquakes and most active volcanoes.

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The earthquakes were in a close cluster about between 197 and 223 kilometres west of Port Hardy, all happening within 45 minutes of each other. Some Native American tribes also have oral traditions that speak about a giant natural disaster as well as a tsunami-like flooding event along the West Coast.

The first-of-its kind warning sensors developed by Ocean Networks Canada is installed along the Cascadia subduction zone and when fully operating next March will be able to estimate location and magnitude of a megathrust quake.

It is believed that the first quake struck at a depth of 21 miles.

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