White House Aides 'Hugely Embarrassed' By Trump's Lunch With Kanye: NYT Reporter

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So when I say I like Trump to someone who's liberal, they say 'Oh, but he's racist.' You think racism can control me? "So I think this was about Trump and the white community, not about anything to do with minorities".

Fallon: "During his meeting in the Oval Office, Kanye took out his cellphone and you could actually see his passcode when he typed it in". However, Kanye West, wearing a "Make American Great Again" hat, touched on several topics, including his bipolar disorder, abolishing the 13th amendment, the economy, Chicago's gun violence and jobs. You can see the entire project here; the "iPlane" rendering is about two-thirds of the way down the page.

Musician Kanye West jumped on top of a table at a Washington, D.C., Apple store following his widely publicized sit-down with President Trump and gave an impromptu 10-minute "keynote" speech, according to a reporter with Religion News Service, per The Washington Post.

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"If you look [at the president's] face as Kanye West was doing, essentially, his filibuster standing in front of the Resolute Desk, [Trump] looks speechless and confused, right". He visited the real estate billionaire in Trump Tower shortly after the unexpected election results, and has been vocal about his love for Trump ever since.

Noah: "I'm not a fan of this new Kanye West, but I will say I really enjoyed seeing Kanye make Trump feel the way Trump makes us feel every single day". "He is my brother", West wrote.

Kimmel was not the only late-night comedian to discuss the meeting, with The Daily Show host Trevor Noah left speechless by Trump describing West's rant as "very impressive".

Donald Trump welcomes Kanye West to the Oval Office
During the course of the conversation, 'Ye claimed that racism was just a tool liberals use to control Black people. West later told reporters of his verbal stylings: "You are tasting a fine wine that has multiple notes to it".

2OceansVibe reports that Kanye may have some unresolved family issues seeing as he has never had much of a father figure growing up, which would explain his strong connection with Trump.

After all that, the president brought the show to a close by suggesting, "Let's go have some lunch, OK?"

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