Fortnite and the National Football League combine to bring uniforms for all 32 teams

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This is the first time Epic has "partnered on special outfits inside Fortnite, enabling players to blend their passions for games and sports", the company says. It is available in Rare, Epic and Legendary Variants, and more features can be found in it. Watch your ammo supply too because it only holds 25 rounds per magazine.

Starting November 9 at 7:00PM EST, you can buy outfits from all 32 National Football League teams from the Battle Royale Item Shop.

Fortnite's Cube Monsters are sticking around a little longer in a brand new limited time mode for Battle Royale. This weapon is essentially modeled after the AK-47 which happens to be the most popular and well known assault rifle in the world. Last week's patch added Balloons to the game, while also making tweaks to various tools including the Grappler. Those monsters will drop weapons and ammo when they're killed, and if you happen upon a gold monster, you'll get a legendary weapon for dispatching it. No problem. Want Brian Dawkins to own the competition and be sole survivor in Fortnite's online battle royale mode? However, if you're not loyal to a certain team, there's also a basic uniform unique to Fortnite. Save the World has grown consistently since our launch in July 2017 and Fortnite overall has experienced unprecedented growth.

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And that's about it for new content. LTM Blitz (a mode which plays 15 minute max games) is returning, alongside a Storm max damage cap of 8, rather than 10.

A new store called Keyboard King has also opened up in Paradise Palms and can expect to see more map changes over the next few weeks. Players also get extra loot and resources.

Epic Games announced a partnership with the NFL to bring various football-themed accessories to Fortnite.

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The temptation or prospect of the in-game currency has made about 78,000 Fortnite players to download a virus in the name of Fortnite.

The outfits will be available from 7 p.m. ET this Friday.

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