Indonesia Lion Air Jet's Flight Recorder Found 3 Days After Crash

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The cause of the crash is still unknown, but investigators hope the black boxes that record the cockpit voices and flight information will help determine the reason, according to Reuters.

Privately owned Lion Air, founded in 1999, said the aircraft had been in operation since August, adding that it had been airworthy and the pilot and co-pilot had 11,000 hours of flying time between them.

Boeing said it was offering "technical assistance at the request and under the direction of government authorities investigating the accident", according to the Wall Street Journal.

Indonesian search teams on Tuesday recovered more remains at the site of a crashed Lion Air jet that plunged into the sea with 189 people aboard, as a report said it had suffered an instrument malfunction the day before.

The almost-new Boeing 737 Max 8 crashed into waters around Indonesia just 13 minutes after taking off from Jakarta on Monday morning.

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But Lion's admission that the plane had an unspecified technical issue on a previous flight - as well as the plane's abrupt nosedive just 12 minutes after takeoff - have raised questions about whether it had any faults specific to the newly released model, including a speed-and-altitude system malfunction.

Search and Rescue Agency chief Muhammad Syaugi has said he's certain it won't take long to locate the hull of the aircraft and its flight recorders due to the relatively shallow 30 metre depth of the waters where it crashed.

Although it is now nearly certain that everyone on the plane died, relatives are desperate to find traces of their loved ones.

Lion Air, a low-priced carrier, was barred from flying in USA or European Union airspace due to its poor safety record.

Indonesian TV broadcast a smartphone video of passengers boarding Flight 610, its mundane details transformed into unsettling moments by knowledge of the tragedy that would transpire. At one point, the passenger who shot the video, Paul Ferdinand Ayorbaba, zooms in on his boarding pass.

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Thirteen minutes into the flight, the plane stopped communicating with Jakarta's Soekarno-Hatta International Airport and crashed into the sea.

It shows passengers' boarding passes being checked and people walking along a concourse and then down stairs with bright red and white Lion Air jets visible on the tarmac.

Another search official, Yusuf Latif, earlier said it would "a miracle" if survivors were found.

As the search has narrowed, divers and Indonesian search and rescue have slowly began to accumulate the evidence of Indonesia's latest air tragedy and the lives it has taken.

It has also suspended Lion Air's technical director and several technicians who cleared the plane to fly. The agency lifted the ban in 2016.The European Union similarly barred Indonesian carriers from flying into European airspace from 2007 until June.

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