McConnell, Schumer Re-Elected as Party Leaders of Senate

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But as Ryan, Rep. Seth Moulton of MA and other anti-Pelosi Democrats argue for change, Pelosi and her allies point to the record number of women who led their party back to the majority, as well as Pelosi's long track record as the caucus's leader. McConnell, the Kentucky Republican who expanded GOP ranks in last week's midterm, faced no contest for the job. The Democratic leadership election will take place later this month.

During a brief photo op in McConnell's Capitol office on Wednesday, Scott did not reply to a question about whether he contends there was fraud in the Florida election. Bill Nelson is tied up in a recount.

McCarthy has been here before, having helped pick up the party after Republicans last lost control of the House in 2006, leading them to the 2010 tea party wave that pushed them back into the majority.

McCarthy said he was proud of the GOP's accomplishments of the last Congress: low employment, changes to Veterans Affairs, rebuilding the US military and getting raises for service members, combating the opioid epidemic, and ending online human trafficking.

Republican Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan and California Rep. Kevin McCarthy are running for House minority leader.

"We've got a plan", McCarthy told reporters as he ducked into a closed-door meeting of House Republicans late Tuesday.

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President Donald Trump has stayed largely on the sidelines ahead of elections that will determine party leadership. Seth Moulton of MA and Filomen Vela of Texas have reiterated they "100 percent" have enough votes to block Pelosi from becoming speaker, CNN reported. "I sat at the table when [Treasury Secretary Henry] Paulson and [Federal Reserve Chairman Ben] Bernanke told us we were going over the financial cliff", DeLauro said.

Multiple Democratic aides for Midwestern lawmakers lamented their absence from the leadership team and characterized it as "highly frustrating". Jerry Nadler of NY. Jordan's entire campaign was built on the premise, lawmakers said, that Republicans lost because they didn't "do what we said" - including on Trump's priorities to build the border wall with Mexico. They also warned that they need a new fundraising mechanism to compete with the small-dollar online donors that powered Democrats to victory.

"There's a little rawness still", Rep. Mark Walker, R-N.C., who is running unopposed for a down-ballot position as vice chair of the GOP conference, told reporters outside the meeting room.

Bloomberg spokeswoman Rachel Nagler says the former New York City mayor spent $110 million on Democrats by targeting 24 House races nationwide. "I've said for a long time that I think we need new leadership on a lot of levels, and I'm going to make my decision about who to vote for Speaker based on what's in the best interest of Oklahoma". "It's going to take an attitude and an intensity about standing up for the truth and fighting".

"Most GOP lawmakers, though, prefer McCarthy's more affable approach, and he remained favored to win Wednesday".

Meanwhile, Senate Republicans voted to keep majority leader Mitch McConnell in his position.

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"You always look in the mirror and see what you can do better", Scalise said on Tuesday.

"We'll be looking for ways now that we have divided government again to make some progress for the country", McConnell said.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., is expected to be elected speaker, but she faces opposition from a bloc of newcomers and a handful of incumbents. Pelosi didn't let shame get in the way of maintaining an iron grip on her caucus then, so it seems unlikely that she'd shy away from a floor fight after a win now. "It's not a racial thing", said Rep. Kathleen M. Rice, New York Democrat.

Democrats flipped more than 35 seats last week, taking back control of the House and forcing Republicans into the minority. Ernst, a military veteran in her first term, beat Nebraska Sen. They added Sen. Joni Ernst of Iowa as vice chairman of the Republican Conference to what had been an all-male team.

The California Republican, an ally of President Donald Trump, fended off a challenge from conservative Rep. Jim Jordan of OH in a closed-door election.

At Wednesday's news conference, McCarthy said he does not believe that the President is to blame for House Republicans losing their majority, but he conceded that the party has work to do to improve its standing with voters, particularly in suburban areas.

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