Trump, Obama Stage Dueling Rallies Ahead of Midterms

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President Donald Trump has been acting like a candidate on the ballot, staging daily double-header rallies and blasting out ads for Republicans up for election.

"The Democrats' immigration program is to bring drug trafficking, human smuggling, and criminal cartels", he also said in Montana. In October alone, the Washington Post's Fact Checker staff found he said over 1,000 false or misleading statements; CNN calculated he uttered 81 false statements at a rally this week alone.

With the entire House of Representatives and one-third of the Senate to be chosen on November 6, the upcoming midterm election is widely regarded as the most consequential in memory, perhaps ever.

There are now 17 Republican-held districts that are seeing a slight or strong lean toward Democrats, mainly in upper-middle-class suburbs, including in the states of New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Should they take the House, Democrats are already plotting to reopen the House Intelligence Committee's investigation into Trump campaign's ties to Russian Federation. They'll think of something like.

Trump boosted the "great and hardworking" Faso on Saturday.

Washington has repeatedly accused Moscow of meddling in the 2016 presidential election in the United States, imposing several rounds of sanctions against Russian Federation in reliance to this alleged meddling, among other issues.

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Trump said that the Caravan of people coming from Latin American countries have some criminals in it.

He has ordered regular army troops to the US-Mexican border, announced "tent cities" to detain people demanding political asylum and claimed power to scrap the right to citizenship for anyone born on US soil - until now considered protected by the US Constitution.

Tester is in a tight race against Republican Matt Rosendale.

Republican Carlos Curbelo, seeking re-election in a Democratic-leaning South Florida district, said he had not seen the video but criticised Mr Trump's use of it.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court ordered the state's new district map earlier this year in a ruling that later survived a Republican challenge to the U.S. Supreme Court.

"It is outrageous what the Democrats are doing to our Country".

And China has to open up their borders for U.S. companies, he demanded.

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Equally good news for Trump and his bid to spread that elusive voter feel-good factor was that wages appear to be strengthening - a sign that average Americans may be enjoying the fruits of economic growth.

Trump is holding rallies Sunday afternoon in Georgia and evening in Tennessee.

Two new polls this week showed Manchin's once-comfortable lead over Morrisey dwindling to 5 percentage points, which the Democrat's supporters blame in part on Trump's repeated visits. You get more bang for your buck as president campaigning in one of 35 Senate races than in one of 435 House races. "But in four days, Florida, you can be a check on that kind of behaviour".

It was one of several policy changes that Trump made through executive order or administrative rule making.

In recent weeks, he has told reporters he sees the issue as a winning one for his party. It ominously warns, "Who else would Democrats let in?" and suggests more violence will soon penetrate the border. Though still roughly 1,000 miles from the USA border, Trump portrayed the refugees as an imminent national security threat, warning, without evidence, that "Middle Easterners" were among them. The share of Democrats saying immigration is a top issue has dropped from 23 percent to 11 percent. He several times called the NY lawmaker "Cryin' Chuck".

When the president a few minutes later again mentioned Schumer, this time by his last name, an audience member yelled: "Cry baby!"

Trump's Republican party now has a majority in the Senate and House of Representatives, but failed to hold on to either could result in political deadlock for the United States leader's most ambitious policies. In the 37 states plus Washington, D.C., where some form of early voting is allowed, more than 31.5 million ballots had already been cast as of Saturday, with 22 states and D.C. exceeding turnout levels from 2014.

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He would also be losing the ability to pass legislation without Democratic votes, a setup that gave him a signature tax-cut bill and at least a shot at other victories - a chance that could vanish the moment Democrats control the agenda in half of Congress.