Trump Plans To Bypass Constitution To End US' 'Citizenship By Birth' Rule

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Trump has said he plans to sign an executive order to end birthright citizenship, something many legal experts have doubts about his ability to do via EO.

Mifubaby, a Beijing-based agent offering services for pre- and post-maternity services in Los Angeles and Saipan, said it was not easy to amend the USA constitution so there was little need to worry now. "Guess what? You don't", the president told Axios' Jonathan Swan in an interview in the Oval Office. It's ridiculous. It's ridiculous. "He's getting the executive branch under control and saying, 'This is what the 14th Amendment means, '" Levin said.

He added that the phrase "and subject to the jurisdiction thereof" was added to the 14th Amendment to ensure that the child of anyone not subject to American jurisdiction isn't a legal citizen.

Trump raised the idea of using an executive order to end the citizenship provision enshrined in the 14th Amendment during an interview on Tuesday.

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"This policy is a magnet for illegal immigration, out of the mainstream of the developed world, and needs to come to an end", he said. MSNBC's Joe Scarborough put it best when, in September, he asserted that Graham has gone from being "John McCain's wing man in politics to Donald Trump's carnival barker".

Reid apologized for the position in 1999 shortly after the powerful left-leaning union AFL-CIO changed its position to support birthright citizenship for all people in the United States. But said in the next breath he believes "we can do this by executive order". But a move in line with that thinking would likely spark a legal challenge. And the challengers would undoubtedly win....

Trump did not back down Wednesday from his controversial proposal to upend the very concept of American citizenship. According to a Pew survey, the number of children born to unauthorised immigrants in the United States rose dramatically from 30,000 in 1980 to 370,000 in 2006, though it has been declining since then.

Under the Constitution's 14th Amendment, enacted in the wake of the Civil War to ensure that black Americans previously subject to slavery had full citizenship rights, citizenship is granted to "all persons born or naturalized in the United States".

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Trump, as well as those who support abolishing birthright citizenship, believe that the line "subject to the jurisdiction thereof" means that only parents who are subject to US jurisdiction (a.k.a. citizens) will pass on birthright citizenship to their children.

In 1995, assistant attorney general Walter Dellinger testified before Congress that when it comes to birthright citizenship, "no discretion should be exercised by public officials". Ryan told Lexington, Kentucky's WLAK-AM, "As a conservative, I'm a believer in following the plain text of the Constitution, and I think in this case, the 14th Amendment is pretty clear".

President Donald Trump blasted House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., on Wednesday, saying he should be concentrating on maintaining the majority in the House rather than giving his views on birthright citizenship, "something he knows nothing about!".

"Our new Republican Majority will work on this", as well as securing the border and closing the immigration loopholes, Trump added.

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Already, even some of the President's defenders downplayed the prospects of successfully ending birthright citizenship by executive order. "This is a transparent and blatantly unconstitutional attempt to sow division and fan the flames of anti-immigrant hatred in the days ahead of the midterms". The loophole has, the pair contend, led to increased illegal immigration and also "birthright tourism", which sees visitors come from countries like China and Russian Federation for the express objective of giving birth in the United States.