Elizabeth Warren stands by her Cherokee ancestry claims at rally

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You know, Michel, I think, you know, she is probably best known as a senator from New England, but what I've seen here in Iowa is that she's really getting a chance to introduce herself as she wants. "These actions not only dishonor Native people and their many contributions to this country, but perpetuate harmful stereotypes that Native communities continue to fight against".

The Massachusetts Democrat told reporters on Wednesday she's planning to visit the state with the nation's first presidential caucuses after being sworn in on Thursday to a second Senate term.

McDaniel is an operative with deep experience across the South - a potentially decisive region in the upcoming Democratic primary. "And then you came into a bigger part and there were cages set out with little girls in them", Warren said, her voice cracking.

The cork was barely off the champagne on New Year's Eve 2019 before a crowd of eager candidates began their 2020 presidential election stampede. "That's how we not only win elections, that's how we build movements that make real change".

Speculation around Warren running for president heated up over the last several months as she made moves like releasing her college records and a DNA test proving she could be anywhere between 1/64th to 1/1,024th Native American, placing her ancestor six to 10 generations back.

"I take nothing away from Sen".

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"I think there's a lot of men out there that would never vote for a woman", said Leggio.

Warren is the most prominent Democrat yet to make a move toward a presidential bid and has always been a favorite target of President Donald Trump.

'I can't stop him from hurling racial insults.

"I think that campaigns should not be for sale", she said.

KHALID: But even if voters, including Leggio, can not agree on exactly what this idea of electability means, they point to a common trait - authenticity, someone who just feels real, whether or not that alienates people.

That poll found 65 percent of likely caucus-goers viewed Warren favorably, and 20 percent saw her unfavorably.

Warren plans Iowa trip in another step toward 2020 campaign
That didn't work out too well. 'We'll see how she does, ' he said . "I wish her well. Warren hasn't responded to the dig on her own Twitter account.

"My decision was to put it all out there", Warren said of the final calculation this time around.

Warren had a captive audience where she tested campaign themes of taking on major corporations, challenging government corruption and exploring economic inequity while weaving a personal narrative that focused on her family's financial struggles when growing up in Oklahoma. Who that candidate will be, Continetti, concluded, "we have yet to see".

"I am looking for somebody with broad appeal so we can pull in some of the independents and the Republicans", said Jean McGinnis, 49, as she waited in line to get a photo taken with Warren after a rally in Sioux City. "And particularly rockier for people of color?" she said.

"That usually doesn't happen".

Apparently, her heritage-related troubles aren't the fault of an incurious family who culturally appropriated indigenous American ancestry without any evidence they were related to a single Native American, but rather the fault of a "right wing" noise machine hellbent on casting Warren as.

"I want them to be very unapologetic about what they believe in", said McGlade, 25.

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