UK Parliament votes to create financial obstacle to a 'no-deal' Brexit

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Amid chaotic scenes in the chamber, MPs backed an amendment requiring the PM to come back to the Commons within three working days to set out her Plan B if her Withdrawal Agreement is rejected in next week's vote.

A month after postponing a vote on the deal to avert near-certain defeat, Mrs May urged Parliament to support it to prevent Britain leaving the European Union on March 29 with no agreement on exit terms and future relations, an outcome that could cause economic and social upheaval.

May is also seeking assurances on the operation of the backstop from European leaders, which she hopes to deliver before the vote next week, although they say they will not reopen the deal.

A vote, initially slated for mid-December, is now scheduled for January 15 - and the government still looks likely to lose.

"Rather than increasing the likelihood of a "no deal" outcome, we expect either the deal to scrape through, owing to last minute concessions to the key Brexit groups, or if parliament forces the government to adopt a different or more market positive Brexit stance", says Rochester.

During the speech Mrs Hodgson spoke about the abuse that some MPs have been receiving, including some directed at her in recent days and set out her reasons for voting against the Prime Minister's deal when it is brought before the House next week. Lawmakers would have the power to amend that plan.

A former director of legislative affairs at Number 10, Nikki da Costa, said: "More than anything this is not just overturning something the House accepted in a business motion, it is overturning the EU Withdrawal Agreement and procedure voted on and approved in both Houses with much debate and scrutiny, and indeed which Grieve accepted on floor of the House".

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The previous rule prior to the vote was to allow for 21 days.

A defeat would ratchet up the chances of Britain leaving without a deal on 29 March, the day the United Kingdom officially leaves the EU.

Many British lawmakers detest the deal agreed between Brussels and Prime Minister Theresa May.

The current trajectory is for the United Kingdom to exit the European Union on World Trade Organsization terms on March 29 should the Brexit deal be rejected by parliament.

"The only way to avoid no deal is to have a deal and to agree a deal", she said.

"The only way we can move forward if the Government's deal is not acceptable to Parliament is for Parliament to engage with Government and find a solution, which is what I am trying to do".

In the Commons, Tory anger was directed at the Speaker, who many MPs have long suspected is unduly sympathetic to the Remain cause.

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According to pollsters, there's a generational divide over the issue of Brexit.

He suggested there could be a series of "indicative votes" on the various alternative proposals which had been discussed to see if any could command a majority.

Conservative Party chairman Brandon Lewis said: "Labour simply do not have a plan for Brexit".

"If the prime minister's Brexit deal is defeated next week, she must return to parliament as soon as possible and give MPs a real say on what happens next".

Analysts pointed out that in 2018 it only took a few days of heavy snow disruption when the "Beast from the East" hit Britain before gaps opened up on supermarket shelves.

"Our organisations remain committed to playing their part in managing Brexit in the best interests of farmers and the United Kingdom public in the years ahead, but we believe that leaving without a deal on March 29 will lead, very quickly, to the opposite outcome".

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