US Secretary of State Pompeo meets Iraqi Speaker in Baghdad

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"President Trump's decision to withdraw our troops has been made".

Pompeo's visit began as U.S. National Security Adviser John Bolton was set to depart Turkey without meeting with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan - an apparent snub over disagreements about the Kurdish fighters in Syria.

President Donald Trump on Monday sought to end fears of an abrupt United States (US) pullout from Syria, saying the fight against the Islamic State group was not over and that withdrawal would be done in a "prudent" manner.

After meeting Bolton on Tuesday, Kalin also urged Washington to take back all the weapons provided to Syrian Kurdish militia forces.

Pompeo is touring the region to try to explain U.S. strategy after Trump's surprise announcement of an abrupt withdrawal of all 2,000 U.S. troops from Syria.

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"You guys always jump on his style", Inhofe told reporters, "but [Trump] also realizes he's not going to do something that we're not ready to do, that we're not equipped to do". Over the past week, Bolton has acknowledged that ISIS is not yet vanquished and still has the capacity for "reviving" itself; U.S. allies in the region still require our protection; and that the withdrawal is limited to "northeastern Syria".

The vacancies are especially problematic as the Trump administration continues to send contradictory messages about its policies toward friends and foes in the region.

In the speech entitled "A Force for Good: America's Reinvigorated Role in the Middle East", Pompeo emphasized America's positive impact on the region.

The Kurds warned last month that if US forces withdraw from Syria, they might have to turn their attention to fending off an attack from neighboring Turkey, which considers the YPG a terrorist organization, and in turn release the prisoners.

The trip also follows National Security Adviser John Bolton's visit to Turkey this week, where he was snubbed and then publicly criticized by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan over the shifting USA conditions for a withdrawal from Syria. Iranian officials, Trump said, "can do what they want" in Syria. Turkey has used the instability caused by the Syrian civil war to launch incursions against Kurdish positions in Syria, pulling Kurdish fighters from helping the us fight ISIS so that they can defend their own territory.

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The main extremist alliance in Syria's Idlib region reached a deal on Thursday ending days of deadly fighting with rival rebels and extending its influence over the whole rebel enclave. "And sometimes it's still another thing for the government to be able to mount confidently a criminal prosecution against that individual", said Joshua Geltzer, a senior counterterrorism official under President Barack Obama.

Bolton quickly departed for the US on Tuesday after Erdogan refused to meet with him and later denounced him in a speech to parliament.

Pompeo has chosen Cairo as the symbolic venue for a speech meant to repudiate the message in former US President Barack Obama's landmark address to the Muslim world from the Egyptian capital when he first took office. "It is not possible for me to swallow this", Erdogan said during a speech in parliament.

Pompeo's visit to Iraq comes less than two weeks after Trump's surprise visit to USA troops at al-Asad Air Base outside of Baghdad which sparked many criticisms inside the country.

"My greatest concern probably is the Kurds and whether or not - just how defenseless we're going to leave them", Cramer said, adding later that USA support going forward would be "not insignificant". "Turkish cooperation on counterterrorism efforts to ensure the lasting defeat of ISIS".

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Israel's nightmare is a unified Syrian regime, backed by Russian Federation and Iran, fortified by Turkey, eager to turn their collective attention on his Jewish state.